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Grace Self Storage Storage with a Twist, It comes to you!
Grace Removals Group has introduced a revolutionary product aimed at the self-storage market, making storage more accessible, convenient and most importantly a cost effective solution. Grace Self Storage is a division of the Grace Removals Group one of Australasia’s largest and most recognised removal and storage organisation. Grace, identified a gap in the market, so we now introduce Grace Self Storage said Usha Bachu, franchisee for Grace Self Storage for Greater Western Sydney.
Grace Removals Group with 100 years of moving and storage experience understand that clients want greater control and flexibility and with this in mind developed an innovative product supported by a superior customer service experience.
Grace Self Storage, storage that comes to you, is the solution to your storage needs. Our unique service offering means our mobile containers known as a Shell are delivered to your home, where you get to pack at your leisure. We then come and pick up the Shell and store it at one of our secure facilities. This is on demand storage delivered to your door for your convenience, saving you money and time whilst reducing the stress and difficulty of moving. When you need professional service, economical costs and convenience, you need Grace Self Storage.
Raj Bachu, joint Franchisee for Greater Western Sydney understands his customers needs and his aim is to take the stress and hassle out of the self storage experience, remember we come to you. You simply load and lock the Grace Self Storage Shell. We pick up and store in one of our secure facilities. There is no need for hiring of trucks, or trailers. We do it all for you.
Welcome to your Grace Self Storage – Greater Western Sydney. We are strategically based in Kings Park to service Greater Western Sydney.
Grace Self Storage – Greater Western Sydney can also provide additional services to make it as simple and convenient as possible. Think about:
Load4U service; simply pack your belongings and Grace Self Storage will load them into our Shell for you.
Packing Materials; Grace Self Storage have an extensive range to meet your needs, from mattress protectors to removals blankets, and of course boxes, packaging tape and wrapping paper.
Insurance; for an additional fee Grace Self Storage can provide insurance to cover you from certain risks.
Grace Self Storage is a brand you can trust to look after your belongings. We offer value for money and convenient self storage solutions to meet your needs.
Here's what you DON'T NEED to worry about with Grace Self Storage:
Hire expensive trucks or utes; we deliver our Grace Self Storage Shell directly to your requested location. When you need it and where you need it.
Double handle your belongings; you simply load your Shell once or take advantage of our Load4U service. We then pick up the Shell and store the cage inside the Shell at one of our secure facilities. No double handling is required.
Track down packing material; we have a range of packing materials to suit your needs. Simply call one of our friendly Grace Self Storage representatives to place your order. We can also deliver your order well before the arrival of your Grace Self Storage Shell, allowing you plenty of time to pack.
Do it all again; we take the stress out of self storage. Simply call us when you require the return of your belongings and we will deliver your mobile Grace Self Storage Shell as arranged.



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